Contact Us Skylands

The Board of Directors of the Skylands Emmaus Community is
here to serve you, in the name of Christ.

If you have any questions about the community or its activities click one of the links below to send an email.

  Community Lay Director: Kevin Vance Leads the Board and acts as a focal point for issues that come before the community.

  Assistant Community Lay Director: Kathy Altobello 

  Community Spiritual Director: Vicki Brendler Represents the clergy side of the leadership of the community. He acts as a liaison between the community and the clergy servants.

   Assistant Community Spiritual Director: David Repenning

  Secretary:Larry Costantino  The Secretary records the meeting minutes and maintains the written records of the community.

  Treasurer: Larry Costantino Handles all the contributions received by the community and is responsible for all expenditures.

  Agape for Weekends:Robin Engle Ensures that all weekend Agape teams of the Walk to Emmaus are equipped and prepared. All members of the community who contribute to this effort should contact this committee chair.

  Agape International: Robin Engle  Receives and distributes letters of agape love to and from other Emmaus communities throughout the world. If you know of other communities with whom we should be sharing greetings, please contact Tom.

  Chrysalis/SEARCH: Cindy Miller  Is our liaison with the Chrysalis movement for young Christian adults, and with SEARCH for youth looking for spiritual direction.

  Community Development: Larry Costantino  Is the person to contact regarding  presentations of “What is Emmaus” to Churches that may be unfamiliar with the ministry. 

  Community Training Coordinator: Gabrielle Martone  Is responsible for all training, seminars, including Fourth Day Insights (required for those interested in working on an Emmaus team) and Sponsorship Training (required for all those who would like to sponsor a pilgrim for a Walk to Emmaus). Contact Anne to check on upcoming training sessions.

  Facilities:Sam Perez  Arranges for locations and dates of upcoming Walk-to-Emmaus weekends, as well as managing some other facilities such as storage.

  Gatherings: Burgess Abu-Smail  Arranges the locations and speakers for monthly community Gatherings. Contact Ruth Ann if you are interested in giving a Fourth Day witness.

  Hospitality:Burgess Abu-Smail Is responsible for all refreshments, as well as setup and clean-up at Gatherings and other Emmaus events.

  Sponsor’s Hour/Candlelight:Vicki Brendler

  Group Reunions:Dawn Maffetone:  Is the keeper of the central database of reunion groups  in our area. See the related page on this site. If you are looking for a reunion group in your area, please contact Scott.

  Team Selection:Ed Ahrens Chairs this committee. This committee reviews applications and selects the team members for upcoming Walk-to-Emmaus weekends.

   Literature: Vere Otto  Orders all the Emmaus literature, books and other reading material available to the community.

  Music:Rose Parnell Is the leader of the musicians for Gatherings, Walks to Emmaus, and team meetings. If you have song suggestions, or would like to play with the Emmaus musicians, please bring this information to Rose’s attention.

  Registration: Mark Warner  Handles all the applications for those who are interested in attending a Walk to Emmaus weekend. See the forms page on this site for applications.

  Communications/Technology: Susan Puma Please direct all questions and suggestions regarding the website to Sue.   

  Website Administration: Susan Puma has responsibility for all website content and document management related to the SWTE website.

  Database Administrator: Susan Puma  General information for all members of the Emmaus community is kept in our database.  Please make sure all of your  personal information particularly your email address and any other contact information is current.

  Bulletin Board: Gabrielle Martone administers an email announcement chain for upcoming events or news flashes to the community. Click the link if you have any announcements you’d like distributed.

  Prayer Chain: Gabrielle Martone  administers an email prayer chain. If you have a prayer concern to lift to the community, click this link to send an email. Click if you’d like to be added to the prayer chain.